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Step 1: Google Your Keyword

Use the following input format and Google the keywords and websites you are interested in. Remember that "facebook.com" could be instead of any websites you want, like "pinterest.com", "tiktok.com" or "twitter.com". Next, replace "keyword" with WhatsApp Group Link is related with. It maybe your working area, like shoes, or your hobby, like basketball. Do not revise the WhatsApp URL at the end.
INPUT FORMAT: site:facebook.com keyword https://chat.whatsapp.com

Alternative Text
Alternative Text

Step 2: Export WhatsApp Group Link 

Start WhatsApp Group Link Scraper - WhatsApp Group Finder after download. Select the pages that you want to be exported at the yellow part. Then click the right bottom button to export. Please wait for a while, it takes about 3 second for each page. Eventually, copy all the WhatsApp Group Links results which is output in the blue area. Click the link one by one to join the groups.

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