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Experience the power of WASender Tool - a free WhatsApp Bulk Message Sender that allows you to effortlessly connect with your audience. Our innovative tool enables you to send bulk WhatsApp messages without the hassle of saving numbers individually. WASender, the ultimate WhatsApp Marketing Software & Automation Tool, empowers you with the capability to reach your customers seamlessly. Enjoy the convenience of a free WhatsApp bulk message sender and elevate your outreach strategy with ease.


Customizable Messaging-WASender

WASender Free Tool allows you to customize your messages for each recipient using merge tags. Simply add the contact's name, interests or other unique information as merge tags in your message template. When you send the messages, Bulk Sender will automatically replace the tags with the relevant data for each contact. You can pull the personalized data from your spreadsheet or contacts list. With Bulk Sender's merge tags, you can make every message feel tailored to each recipient for better engagement.

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Send Attachments to Engage Recipients-WASender

WASender Free Tool makes it easy to include attachments in your broadcast messages. Send documents, images, audio, videos and more to grab attention. Attach product catalogs, event flyers, tutorials or other relevant content that your recipients will find valuable. Bulk Sender supports all common attachment types so you can enrich your messages with the materials you need. Engage your contacts by attaching photos, videos, PDFs and other multimedia to your bulk messages for more impact.

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Ensure Account Safety with Random Sending-WASender

WASender Free Tool has robust security measures to keep your account safe when broadcasting messages. Messages are sent at randomized times, not all at once. The content is also randomized by adding unique timestamps or variation to each message. This prevents messages from looking duplicated. By scattering sending times and varying message content, Bulk Sender protects your account from getting flagged for suspicious activity. You can feel confident blasting thousands of messages without risking restrictions or bans. Our advanced security protocols ensure smooth, safe and steady message delivery so you can focus on your campaign content.

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Monitor Sending in Real Time-WASender

WASender Free Tool shows you real-time sending status so you can track your broadcast's progress. Watch as your messages get delivered through an intuitive dashboard with live graphs and counters. See up-to-the-second stats on messages sent, delivered, pending and failed. Receive alerts if messages get blocked or bounce back. With Bulk Sender's real-time analytics, you can monitor engagement and quickly identify any issues. Stay informed each step of the way with detailed sending logs. Real-time visibility ensures you always know how your message blast is performing.

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What customers say about us

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! Instead of creating a carbon copy.

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WAPI's bulk sender has been a total game changer for my small business. I have a customer list that I need to send regular updates and promotions to. Doing this one-by-one was so tedious and time consuming. With WAPI's bulk sender, I simply upload my list, create my message template, and hit send. It gets delivered to everyone instantly. This has saved me so much time and made my marketing so much more efficient. I tell all my entrepreneur friends about WAPI!

Mark Jefferson
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As the event coordinator for my university, I rely on WAPI's bulk sender to get notices out to thousands of students and faculty. Sending individual messages was inefficient and mistakes happened frequently. Now I create one message template in WAPI's bulk sender, upload my university directory, and send - done! It's fast, accurate and helps me look professional. I'm so glad I found this tool and always recommend it to other administrators and organizations.

Rebecca Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

A Bulk WhatsApp sender is an efficient tool designed to facilitate the swift delivery of personalized messages to numerous recipients without the need to individually save their contact information in your phonebook. This tool proves immensely valuable when aiming to establish direct and personalized communication with a multitude of new leads or efficiently follow up with existing clients. Unlike the restrictions and limitations inherent in using a WhatsApp Broadcast List or Group Chat, a Bulk WhatsApp sender streamlines the process, ensuring a personalized touch in your outreach strategy while maximizing efficiency.
The bulk WhatsApp sender operates by facilitating the private delivery of auto-personalized messages to multiple recipients on WhatsApp simultaneously, eliminating the need to manually save their contact details in your phonebook. Here's a breakdown of the process:
Begin by customizing your message within the Message Template field, incorporating the '@name' token to automatically substitute it with each recipient's name upon sending.

Then, input or copy-paste the Name and Phone Number of your intended recipients. Finally, initiate the sending process for each recipient individually. Each recipient will promptly receive your personalized message on WhatsApp, featuring their name (replacing the '@name' token in your Message Template).

It's essential to press send for each recipient individually. Notably, this isn't a one-click WhatsApp bulk sender to comply with WhatsApp's policies and regulations. Instead, it stands as a swift and secure alternative to unauthorized WhatsApp bulk sending methods.
Yes, utilizing this bulk WhatsApp sender tool is considered legal, provided it is used responsibly and ethically. It is crucial to avoid employing it for spamming or deceptive purposes on the WhatsApp platform. Sending messages that prompt users to report your account can potentially lead to actions taken by WhatsApp against your account.

While it's true that WhatsApp prohibits the use of automatic bulk-sending, this tool operates within the bounds of WhatsApp's Terms of Service. It's important to note that this is not a one-click automated WhatsApp bulk sender. To utilize it, you are required to individually press SEND for each recipient added, redirecting you to the official WhatsApp apps to finalize the sending process. Hence, it does not constitute an automatic bulk-sending mechanism. However, it significantly expedites the messaging process compared to manual outreach.
Yes, using this bulk WhatsApp sender tool ensures a safe and secure experience. It seamlessly integrates with the official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business mobile apps, as well as the official WhatsApp desktop application.

Rest assured, while using this tool, it does not access your WhatsApp chats or personal data. Additionally, there is no requirement to scan your WhatsApp QR code to utilize its functionalities. It's crucial to exercise caution with other WhatsApp bulk senders that necessitate scanning a QR code to access your account, as this practice could potentially compromise your data security.
Absolutely, you have the ability to personalize messages efficiently using this bulk sending tool. By incorporating the '@name' token in your message, it dynamically substitutes with the name of the contact you've entered, ensuring a personalized touch in your messages sent through WASender.
No, it is not advisable to bulk send WhatsApp messages in one click unless you are utilizing WhatsApp's official Broadcast feature, which has its own limitations (see Broadcast List limitations here). WhatsApp's Terms of Service strictly prohibit other forms of one-click bulk sending. Engaging in any form of one-click WhatsApp bulk sending may result in the banning of your account.

Nevertheless, you can confidently use this tool as it does not function as a one-click automated WhatsApp bulk sender. Each message requires individual confirmation by pressing SEND for each contact, operating through the official WhatsApp applications. Despite involving multiple clicks, employing this method ensures safety and significantly enhances efficiency compared to manual sending.
Yes, it is possible to send bulk messages to WhatsApp contacts without facing bans or blocks, provided you adhere to certain guidelines. Avoiding the sending of unsolicited messages and refraining from utilizing unauthorized one-click automated WhatsApp bulk senders are crucial steps in maintaining a ban-free experience while engaging in bulk messaging on WhatsApp.
Yes, there are certain limitations and restrictions inherent in using this bulk WhatsApp sender. As it operates in conjunction with the official WhatsApp applications on both mobile and desktop, it does not provide fully automated one-click bulk sending, where a single click dispatches messages to all recipients. Instead, you are required to press 'send' for each individual recipient.

This deliberate process is in compliance with WhatsApp's Terms of Service, which explicitly prohibits the use of one-click automated bulk sending. However, despite this requirement, employing this tool still significantly expedites the process of messaging multiple recipients simultaneously while remaining fully aligned with WhatsApp's policies. Instead of the manual process involving saving contact details, opening individual chats, and typing messages for each recipient, this tool streamlines the process by necessitating only continuous 'send' button presses.
No, the functionality of this tool does not depend on the WhatsApp Business API to facilitate bulk message sending. It seamlessly operates in conjunction with your personal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business applications, available on both mobile and desktop platforms.
Unlike WhatsApp Broadcast List, this tool offers the capability to send auto-personalized messages to multiple contacts simultaneously, without the necessity of saving them to your phonebook. Recipients will receive your message regardless of whether they have saved your contact information.

WhatsApp Broadcast List, on the other hand, mandates the saving of leads' contact details to your phone initially. Subsequently, you must compile a list of contacts for messaging, but the messages cannot be personalized. Furthermore, the recipient may not receive the message if they haven't added your contact to their own list.
Regrettably, due to the inherent in-app sharing limitations imposed by WhatsApp, the current functionality of this bulk sender solely supports text, links, and emojis, excluding the attachment of media files such as images, videos, or documents.

The bulk sender initiates a chat with individual recipients upon clicking 'send,' enabling the automatic filling of messages with text, links, or emojis exclusively. However, you retain the option to attach media files separately while composing or after sending the message.
Utilizing this bulk WhatsApp sender offers numerous advantages for your business or marketing endeavors. It enables swift messaging to multiple recipients without the necessity of adding them to your phonebook or engaging in manual searches and message copying. Unlike WhatsApp's native Broadcast feature, this tool proves more effective as recipients don't require saving your WhatsApp contact to receive your message.

Moreover, the tool automatically personalizes messages, reducing the likelihood of your communications being perceived as generic or spam. Its compliance with WhatsApp's Terms of Service ensures complete security and peace of mind regarding data protection. Therefore, utilizing this tool doesn't compromise your account's integrity, mitigating the risk of being banned by WhatsApp solely for its usage.
While this WhatsApp sender complies with WhatsApp's policies regarding automation tools, using this tool responsibly poses no inherent risks.

However, it's crucial to note that irrespective of the tool used, continuous sending of unsolicited messages to a substantial number of recipients, resulting in multiple reports, may lead to a potential ban by WhatsApp.
Yes, several alternatives exist based on your messaging needs.
The conventional method for sending messages to multiple WhatsApp contacts is utilizing WhatsApp's Broadcast List feature. Despite being an official function, it comes with limitations. Both you and your recipients must have each other's contact information saved on your phones for the messages to be delivered.

Manually sending messages one by one via WhatsApp is another option, yet it's a time-consuming and laborious process.

There are also other bulk WhatsApp senders in the market claiming to offer one-click automated bulk-sending. However, caution is advised as these tools entail potential account and security risks. WhatsApp expressly prohibits the use of one-click send-to-all automation, which may result in a ban or legal consequences when using such tools.

For larger enterprises with specific workflows, employing the WhatsApp Business API for bulk messaging is an option. However, it's essential to note that its functionality differs from regular WhatsApp applications, requiring a relatively intricate setup process before utilization. Discover more about the necessity of WhatsApp Business API here.