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Download WhatsApp Group Phone Number extension allows you to seamlessly export and save phone numbers from your WhatsApp groups.

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WhatsApp Contacts Extractor-Feature

WhatsApp Contact Number Download extension, designed to simplify the process of obtaining contact numbers from your WhatsApp contacts, you can effortlessly download WhatsApp contact numbers securely and efficiently.

Export Chats

Based on WhatsApp Contacts Extractor, you can export contacts from all your WhatsApp chats using our WhatsApp Chrome extension.
This feature allows you to export and save all contacts saved from WhatsApp chats.

Export various User-Related Information

Based on WhatsApp Contacts Extractor, extract User Profile, including Name, Phone Number, Country, Country Code, is Business, is My Contact, is Admin and etc.

Export all Groups Contacts

Based on WhatsApp Contacts Extractor, with this feature, you can extract contacts from WhatsApp Groups.

Supports Multiple Different Formats

Based on WhatsApp Contacts Extractor, export data to CSV, XLSX(Excel), JSON & VCard file.

How to use - WhatsApp Contacts Extractor ?

WhatsApp Contact Download. This powerful extension revolutionizes the way you gather contact information from your WhatsApp network. Say goodbye to manual data collection and hello to streamlined contact management with WhatsApp Contact Download.

  1. 1
    Search in Chrome Extension Store

    Open chrome extension store page, search "WhatsApp Group Contacts Extension".
    Identify the icons and display images in the trusted video.

  2. 2
    Click Install Button

    Click the "Add to Chrome" button to install the extension. After a brief moment, it will automatically redirect you to the WhatsApp page.

  3. 3
    Pin Extension Icon

    Click the "pin" button behind the extension to anchor it above the browser. Now, you can simply click the extension button to access its usage page.

  4. 4
    Choose Export Item

    Follow the on-screen instructions to select the category of people you want to download and the type of file.

  5. 5
    Click Export Button

    Click the "Export" button to export the file. Please wait for the download to complete.

Happy Customers

After extensive user comparisons, Whatsapp Group Contacts Download stands out as the most worthwhile product.

After searching for a trustworthy and secure method to export my WhatsApp contacts, I stumbled upon WhatsApp Group Contacts Extension. I'm thrilled with its capability to export unknown phone numbers from group chats—it's been a game-changer for me. This extension is excellent!

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Don Lucero

I was delighted by the simplicity of Download WhatsApp Group Phone Number. With just a few clicks, I effortlessly downloaded and backed up all my WhatsApp contacts in Excel format. I highly recommend this extension!

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Anderson Prado

For anyone seeking to organize their WhatsApp contacts, Wa Download Group Phone Numbers is indispensable. Its user-friendly interface and the flexibility to export in CSV or VCard formats are major advantages. Many thanks for developing such a fantastic extension!

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Marlon Mesa

FAQs - WhatsApp Contacts Extractor

The Whatsapp Contact Download extension is the best contact group export tool, offering security, efficiency, and compliance with WhatsApp rules.

It is entirely executed through simulated user operations, assembling and downloading the desired information after simulating retrieval.
Currently, we only offer monthly subscription. You can upgrade or cancel your monthly account at any time with no further obligation.
Using WhatsApp Contacts Extractor is safe because we do not collect any of your data. All operations are simulated and executed directly on the website, where data is read and assembled for download into files.
Yes, you can use WhatsApp Contacts Extractor to download vCard files. You can select the vCard format when choosing the file format in the extension. We also support Excel and CSV formats. If you have any special requirements for the exported file content, you can join our group and contact our customer service at any time.
1.Click the link to enter the extension details page: WhatsApp Contacts Extractor
2.Click on "Add to Chrome".
3.Open the extension usage page by clicking on our extension from the extensions menu.
If the export of contact information is too extensive, the download may naturally be slow. If you suspect an issue with the extension, you can try downloading just one contact to test.

If you've tested it and still encounter issues, feel free to join our community to provide feedback.
Our actions are compliant with WhatsApp's policies and do not violate any regulations.
Of course, it is safe. The requirements for publishing a Chrome Extension are very strict. We need to provide detailed explanations for our features, implementation methods, and why we require XXX permissions. Otherwise, the Chrome Extension Store will reject our submission.
No, we operate solely through simulation on your browser, without any interaction with other third-party software.